Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Lies, Deception, Arrogance and Mores Lies..."

The epitome of lies, the height of arrogance, and the depth of this man's deception is amazing, truly amazing.

His latest, in part, are words taken from his interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday, August 30, 2009.

This statement is from a series of new (new in time, but not new in substance) statements from this man who is clearly out of touch with just about anything. We should all wonder out loud, "How in the world did this man ever reach the office of Vice President of the United States?"

In essence, his latest rant goes something like this: "Yes, we tortured and it worked and it kept is safe for nearly 8 years and saved thousands and thousands of American lives, but now with the release of the latest CIA IG report and threats to review things leading to possible prosecution, is well... just plain wrong, and those things will not keep us safe any longer."

I wonder if his fingers were crossed behind his back in the hopes that an attack, any attack, would be forthcoming to help vindicate his belief in torture and lack of attention to that detail by the Obama administration?

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