Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Justice for the Torture Policy Writers????

UPDATE (November 18, 2009): The above screen grab came by way of a short video from the Rachel Maddow Show (

Two of the major players in the so-called "Memo Writers on Torture Policy" are pictured above. This update on John Yoo is from the NY Times (April 22, 2009). Included in the piece is reference to Jay Bybee.

And, this also from the NY Times (March 8, 2009).

It seems that after nearly 5 years of pursuit of these two, among many others involved in the torture policy memo issue, that in fact, they may be disbarred from ever practicing law again.

In the meantime, here is a list of key "terrorism-related" memos from September 25, 2001 through January 15, 2009.

Stay tuned — more to follow. Justice may be slow in America, but as they say, "Justice is Not Blind" (we hope).

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