Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Destroyed CIA Torture Tapes: Update...

It was said that a "Cloud hangs over the Vice President" (in the Plame case), but apparently we have a pretty dark shadow cast over the entire White House in this case?

This update comes in three parts:

The first part is this introduction from The

The second part cites an extensive list of documents from the ACLU obtained in late November which reveal new information about the CIA's destruction of nearly 100 videotapes. They depict the brutal techniques used during interrogation of detainees at CIA black sites. Included are the precise dates tapes were destroyed, and further evidence which shows that the White House was far more involved in early discussions about the proposed destruction than had been reported.

The third part comes in this short 9-minute video which shows several detainees released after years at Gitmo who were never charged — their compelling story ...

— More to follow as it becomes available.

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