Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Dick Cheney...

Deadeye Dick on ABC's THIS WEEK -

Update to the post that follows (February 17, 2010): Review this clip (7 min :25 seconds) and especially the concluding remarks of the guest on the show, Mr. Malcom Nance, former Navy professional who knows this stuff inside and out. So, Mr. Cheney, "Are you listening?" (probably not).

In part, Cheney said, "... it is clear once again that President Obama is trying to pretend that we are at war."

Then pressed by the host, Jonathan Karl, Cheney weakly tries to clarify his words ... [see and hear here].

Cheney just will not let go of the idea that the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" work and that good intelligence has come from it and that's why we are safe. Apparently, Mr. Cheney supports torture -- his comments prove that point, thus he apparently has not heard of these comments [from here]:

Gen. David Petraeus: “Torture yields information of questionable value.”

The FBI: “Enhanced techniques are of questionable effectiveness.”

Special Ops Interrogator: “Enhanced interrogation causes detainees to shut up.”

Military’s Joint Personnel Recovery Agency [JPRA]: “Enhanced program produces unreliable intelligence.”

Army psychologist: “Enhanced techniques ‘do not work’ in intelligence-gathering.”

Another Army psychologist: “Rapport techniques produce better intelligence.”

FBI Director Robert Meuller: “Enhanced techniques haven’t prevented any terrorist attacks.”

FBI Agent Jack Cloonan: “Abu Zubaydah and KSM gave only pabulum, after being water boarded (by the CIA)."

CIA Official: “CIA interrogations of KSM produced total f-ing BS.”

Mr. Ali Soufan, the FBI Agent and Interrogator who broke Abu Zubaydah, who in turn revealed the name and whereabouts of KSM that led to his capture: “Torturing Abu Zubaydah was unnecessary. The CIA enhanced interrogations applied later destroyed the progress that had been made with Zubaydah. Traditional methods provided important actionable intelligence, like the name and location which led to the capture of KSM.”

Cheney has zero shame or credibility... he pops up like a "whack a mole," blows off steam and fat lips about much of nothing jut to stay in the limelight, and for what reason? Who really knows what lurks in the "dark" crevices of Richard Bruce Cheney? I certainly do not know.

I suspect his recent performance will be followed by the fruit of his loin, daughter Liz Cheney. I presume she will hit the circuits starting at FOX, working her way back to FOX. Then the Cheney tag team of dumb and dumber will be back at it, full bore.


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