Friday, March 12, 2010

Rove is 'proud' we water boarded detainees...

Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove

Karl Rove joins a long class of GOP-Conservative maniacs who believe that torture works and that water boarding of detainees was correct and justified as well as any other "enhanced interrogation techniques," because they "kept us safe."

Further, Rove says that water boarding should not be considered torture, even though it is and as been for decades. Rove uses the justification from the John Yoo/Jay Bybee, et al, in their memos to justify those war crimes. The same memos that Bush-Cheney wanted Yoo and others to write for them to justify the crimes. Make no mistake about that.

Watch this short 6-minute BBC video interview of Karl Rove. Pay close and particular attention to the slick words he used to somehow give himself and others cover as he weakly justifies the war crimes.

This interview on top the Cheney's relentless pursuit of selling "enhanced interrogation techniques" as somehow okay underscores the need, the immediate need, for us as a nation to pursue war crimes against all the guilty parties.

Rove is hitting the TV/Talk Radio circuit for one reason: to hawk his book and by making outrageous statements, he draws attention to this book ergo: more sales. On the Charlie Rose Show (PBS) he again said he was proud that we tortured. On that same show, Rove spouted statistics, facts and figures that would put IBM's BlueGene/L (the world's fastest computer) to same. Yet, awhile back, Rove couldn't remember who leaked Plame's name or where his missing White House Emails were.

Rove is a complete political dirty tricks genius, and he always has been. He knows exactly and precisely what he is doing . . . make no mistake about that. And, what he does/has done, is all evil.

Make no mistake about it, what people like Rove have done in the name of our government — yes, in our name as "We, the People — regarding torture, are war crimes. They should be brought to justice.

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