Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Once Again Confirmed: Water Boarding is Torture and Illegal

Pathetically Speaking: These people thought is was okay and kept us safe

Luckily we still have people who aspire to higher office (Director of the FBI), like Obama nominee, James Comey, who happens to be a former Bush Justice Department official, stated unequivocally during his confirmation hearing (today, July 9, 2013) that water boarding is torture and illegal when asked by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT): “Do you agree that water boarding is torture and is illegal,” Comey replied: “Yes.” 

Leahy then said: “Thank you. Would you agree to answer this question the same way no matter who is president?”

“Oh certainly,” Comey replied.

Those pictured above who were involved in the process of approving and authorizing torture should be prosecuted. This is a huge, lingering ugly stain on our country. It will remain forever. That wrong, and in fact, any wrong or injustice like this, must be made right and whole.

In this case, it seems it never will be righted. That is an ugly stain on the "leadership" now in office.

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