Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Post Torture Policy Era: Write a Book Make Millions

John Rizzo: Former CIA Senior Career Lawyer, Book Author
And, Now: Big Ä$$hølë

This story actually set what remaining hair I have on fire. What about yours. I am fond to say: "The truth always comes out."

Case in point is this new insider book by John Rizzo. It reveals a lot about the CIA torture program:
  1. Donald Rumsfeld, who once stormed out of a party when asked about war crimes; he didn’t want to be in these meetings.
  2. John Ashcroft was “mostly silent.” 
  3.  But Dick Cheney stood tall for torture and was a forceful dissenter from President Bush’s late 2006 decision to eliminate it.
  4.  George W. Bush proudly took responsibility for the use of the “enhanced interrogation techniques,” but Rizzo doesn’t recall that Bush was ever actually briefed on them.
John Rizzo makes clear that going into this process he had one key worry and it was never whether the techniques were legal or moral. Rather it was how he could protect CIA personnel from the risk of prosecution at some point in the future.

This is the precise point many like me have said for years. So, do we need any more reason to investigate and prosecute the war criminals? If so, then this is a good starting point.

There is a lot more at the story link. This is sick stuff with one goal; one purpose; and one reason: To make tons of money for JOHN RIZZO. That is painfully obvious.

So, I say again: The truth always comes out ... but in this case, what are we to believe, but more importantly, does it really matter. Actually, it should matter. So, who will pursue prosecution of the war criminals, for surely they are.

More later I am sure.

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