Saturday, May 10, 2014

Republicans Hate Earmarks — Unless It's Theirs

We Want to Build You a Nice Brand New Comfy Prison

Boy, talk about hypocrites in Congress, at least mostly on the GOP side. This story from the Miami Herald just about takes the proverbial cake as they say and it makes the point:

Republicans claim they hate wasteful spending. They bash DEMS all the time for their “tax and spend” policies and programs. Yet, they want push this. Cite:

Some members of Congress want to build a new secret prison for the alleged 9/11 mastermind (KSM: one man) and other former CIA captives at Gitmo, a prison project once proposed by the U.S. Southern Command but dropped because of a lack of support from the Obama administration and one that the Pentagon is not even asking for.

The Republican-run House Armed Services Committee inserted a $69 million provision for the new “high-value detainee complex” in a recent spending bill that [has already] earmarks a total of $93 million for new construction at the prison camps in Cuba.

I would call that significant. Let’s make sure KSM and the others are nice and comfy down there. What a crappy deal. What do you call it — prudent detainee housing, a slick way to appease the voting base, or just plain craziness. I choose craziness run amok.

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