Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can't Hurt: Look Back, Re-Examine, Prosecute, Seek Justice

"Col. Jessup: Did you order a Code Red?"
"You G-damned right I did."
(Resulted in death of a Marine)
“Did you authorize torture, and keep in mind, sir, water boarding is torture?”
“Yes, I did, and I would again to keep us safe.”
The “Col Nathan  Jessup” quote was from a movie (“A Few Good Men”). It was a dramatic scene for sure, but still it was from a movie.  Short clip here, which was very good acting.
President Bush's admission to water boarding, and keep in mind, water boarding is torture. It has been illegal, unlawful, and a war crime for decades. In fact it dates back to the late 1800's. It is a nasty, ugly stain on our country and everyone should be ashamed. However, hard line GOPers, mostly conservatives who are the so-called “war hawks” can't get enough of it ... they advocate more of it as they try to justify torture all the time.
However, Mr. Bush's weak and arrogant quote is weak and this proves it.  A bi-partisan panel (full bios seen here) – released a 577-page report on torture after 2 years of study. The headlines of that report is stark: U.S. Practiced Widespread Torture, Torture Has “No Justification” and Doesn’t Yield Significant Information:” Nation’s Highest Officials Bear Responsibility...
This Blog has been dedicated to detainee handling and treatment and it is extensive with plenty of links and legal citations of past and current law regarding treatment of war detainees under U.S. control.  Across the board, top American military and intelligence interrogation experts from both sides of the aisle have conclusively proven the following 10 facts about torture:
1. Torture is not a partisan issue.
2. Water boarding is torture.
3. Torture decreases our national security.
4. Torture can not break hardened terrorists.
5. Torture is not necessary even in a “ticking time bomb” situation.
6. The specific type of torture used by the U.S. was never aimed at producing actionable intelligence … but was instead aimed at producing false confessions.
7. Torture did not help to get bin-Laden.
8. Torture did not provide valuable details regarding 9/11.
9. Many innocent people have been tortured.
10. America still allows torture.
I just wanted to take this moment to review and keep this issue fresh.

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