Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Richard Bruce Cheney: Only One View of Him We Need to See

How Cheney and Wife and Daughter View Him
(But mostly how he sees himself)

Most Outrageous Statement of All Time

The Only Thing Befitting Cheney

The man is totally out of touch with reality and I am beside myself wondering why the media or any forum sponsor gives this man the time of day let alone a stage for public consumption ... his version of history redux, redux, and redux for a third, fourth and fifth time or more.

This is not just him expressing his free speech right – that is a given. But, the man is a textbook case for being a psychotic that according to the National Institute of Mental Health is a person who is out of touch with reality.

His actions and words cannot be disputed and are carefully chosen and expressed as heard in the segment. They belong to him and it shows. But, given his record later when he is quoted, I am sure he will say, “people are taking me out of context.”

Clearly in this segment even more so shows how out of touch he is, he cannot come to grips with reality and it shows

The man is a total disgrace to the former office he held and now to himself and his family and indeed the country. But, sadly he has not once of remorse or regret. In fact, he displays a raw arrogance not seen in modern times and especially in American history that comes even close to his display of stupidity … and, the fact that he believes the things he does and the way he clings to them with such vigor and no shame should give us all pause to reflect on exactly what common sense and decency in our elected officials means or at least should mean. 

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