Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Close Gitmo: On the Table (Again) then Off the Table (Again)

Gitmo Detention Center (still open after 12 years):  Closure was in sight

President Obama was again looking for a way to close Gitmo ... a long road to that goal for him that the GOP keeps blocking.

First this short segment on that below:

Two key points:

Now the facts:

Republicans constantly vote to block closing the detainee prison camp at Gitmo, Cuba and they always tie any closure proposal (which President has pledged to do) to the annual DOD funding bills which causes the president to veto DOD spending or pass it and allow Gitmo to stay open.

The GOP claims that transferring detainees to the mainland for Federal trials don’t work and we must rely on the Military Tribunals.

Now, once again, the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) marks the 5th year in a row that Congress has blocked the closure of Gitmo (again). A bit more:

  1. Nearly 500 terrorists have been tried in Federal courts and most are serving life terms. 
  2. Only 8 have been tried by the Military Tribunals and only 3 of them remain in prison.
  3. Civil courts take away the label of a terrorist being a “warrior” by making them a “criminal.”
  4. Then the cost of detention … Gitmo is about $2.5 million per detainee and Federal prison is about $80,000 per inmate and none have ever escaped from a Federal facility.
Our civil courts have done an excellent job in prosecuting and locking up the guilty (most for life terms).

Key Question: Why are Republicans afraid of our Federal judicial system. They talk of American values, yet they are willing to turn a blind eye to this shame on the country and our values for decades to come.

Shame on them. But, let's face it; hypocrisy has no shame.

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