Friday, October 3, 2014

Gitmo Detainees: The Numbers in Case You Wanted to Know

 Sunset at Gitmo - Another Day - Ho Hum

Gitmo by the Numbers

▪  Number of detainees: 149 (from 19 countries).

▪  Youngest: age 28 or 29 (Name: Hassan bin Attash from Yemen).

▪  Oldest: age 67 (Name: Saifullah Paracha from Pakistan).

▪  Designated as indefinite detainees: (without formal charges or trial): 37.
▪  Approved for transfer or repatriation to their homelands (some with conditions):  all but three since January 2010 (if not earlier): 79.

▪  Pentagon personnel assigned to operations: A total of 2,268 as of April 15, 2014 up from 2,127, as of Nov. 6, 2013 (before camp imposed information blackout). Of that total, about 300 are civilians (various contractors). Majority of U.S. military are from the Army. Navy prison hospital staff number: around 137.

▪  Total number of residents (as of June. 23, 2014 and by Navy base estimates): 5,778.

▪  Number of detainees who graduated from base high school in 2014: 15

▪  Cost to house one detainee/one year:  By Obama administration 2011 estimate: $800,000. New Congressional estimate in 2013 put the cost at $2.7 million (based on DOD numbers).

▪   Detainees who died in custody: Nine.

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