Saturday, December 13, 2014

Senate Torture Report is Out: FOX Leads Advocate Field

These two CIA consultants, neither had ever conducted an interrogation,  
said "Water boarding" was safe
(Then the CIA ran with it)

Update from here – this introduction: FOX News hosts rushed to minimize the severity of interrogation methods used by the CIA during the Bush administration in the wake of a Senate report outlining the agency's brutal techniques. Here are some of the network's worst attempts to trivialize torture. 

                The Five Worst Examples of Fox News Hosts Trivializing Torture

ORIGINAL POST STARTS FROM HERE: However, take it from a man who knows torture first hand and suffered from it for many years as a POW in North Vietnam. Ask him about torture. No, wait – why not listen to him in this short (8 minute) speech he made on the United States Senate floor right after the Senate released the report on torture.  

I give you Sen. John S. McCain (R-AZ) former POW in VN who was tortured ... watch and listen carefully:

Now you can or may read (e.g., NY Times synopsis) the 6,000-page Senate report  (released December 9, 2014), or heck, even watch and listen to FOX try to justify torture, or follow all the rabid Rightwing Talk Radio you can handle, or read the many OpEds and forum posts to follow, but the raw facts remain, and just as Sen. McCain says and I totally support on this Blog: We tortured and “it was ineffective and stained our national honor.”  I would add: possibly stained forever.  

Thanks for stopping by. Sen. McCain, the floor is all yours.

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