Sunday, June 14, 2015

Detainees Released Since 2002: FOX Blasts Obama Skips Bush

DOD statement on the release

 Six latest detainees released 

The facts on the ground
(BTW: the simple math says under Bush-Cheney 532 were released)
(Fox is kinda mum on that part - why is that???)

Check out this video clip from Fox - it runs about 7 minutes. Especially watch and listen to the 
FOX slant - their apparent and utter disdain for Mr. Obama flows as usual just about anything or everything he even tries to do, has done. They constantly attack him in full armor.

This video clearly shows the FOX-run/GOP-managed PR machine with all its ugly, nasty, well-funded, and albeit very effective partnership in full throttle, clever unison, and sad cahoots, which is open and not a secret at all.

Yet, the GOP and FOX have the unmitigated gall to say it is "Mr. Obama who is undermining America..." ha ...

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