Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bush III: Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot, Hawks War and Old Lackies, A Happy Lark

Leaves Door Open to Reinstating Torture as National Policy if Elected

Wolfie: "I stand behind you, bro."
JEB: "Likewise, buddy."

Updated (August 16, 2015): Based on this story (which I think is an excellent piece) and the following I posted yesterday, I wanted to add a few tidbits from Bush's flubs, that I hope will stick and end up dooming his effort to win the W/H as Bush III.

This score sheet of his flubs should doom him and his campaign, but for the right reasons, not because I think he is unfit to be president although those things do kind of mix (or collide) and show he is unfit to be the CINC. I wonder, however, when will Dark Dick Cheney get the call to come back and serve?  That would not surprise me one bit.

This latest gaffe should haunt Jeb until whenever, since it sure haunts me. That is his latest foot in mouth disease remark that: Taking down Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal.

A "pretty good deal" …!!! More like a WTF moment. Deal as measured how, Mr. Bush?
  • In the body count of our dead and wounded troops.
  • In the shear billions wasted (yes, billions wasted).
  • In the number of Iraqis killed and homeless.
  • In the tens of thousands of innocents left dead and ruined across that region.
Please enlighten us about why it was “pretty good deal.”

In fact to the GOP is probably was a “pretty good deal” since the cost was not as high as GOPers would admit (at least publicly). 

Or a “pretty good deal” since it created jobs, which is always the centerpiece for any GOP campaign slogan. 

So, pick the deal, any deal you want Mr. and Mrs. GOP and cast your vote for Bush III.

Continue the article at the Salon link – it really is good. 

Original post is from here: This post continues to highlight the insane and sick Bush policy on the topic of torture. Once again a new Bush tries to soft sell torture with the same old weak reasoning. I am totally convinced that the Bushes are a pack of insane losers with more than one loose screw.  This is the latest headline from JEB Bush:

JEB Bush leaves door open for use of torture by government

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — JEB Bush said in an answer to a question about torture the following, while also declining to rule out resuming the use of torture under some circumstances by the U.S. government. 

(I insert a note here as I have stated a million times in the post on this subject as clearly as I can: Torture of any kind is illegal, unlawful, and a war crime, but more importantly of no military or tactical value. Doing it in our name as for “We the People” is utter insanity and no candidate from either party should ever be allowed to serve in elected office with that view and those who support them on that view all I can say – “hand them over to me” and I'll show them a thing or two about torture).

JEB Bush’s Answer: “
I don't want to make a definitive, blanket kind of statement. This is something that I'm actually struggling with because I'm running for president ... and when you are president your words matter." 

(I insert another note here and say, yes, words do matter, but has harmful as when those words are turned into national policy).

JEB Bush proved provided that weak-ass answer to an audience of Iowa Republicans when he was asked whether he would keep in place or repeal President Barack Obama's executive order banning so-called enhanced interrogation.

(I insert another note here clearly saying that using the term "enhanced" when talking about any interrogation technique is a fancy buzzword with no meaning except as a substitute for using the word torture).

JEB Bush went on to say that he believes torture is inappropriate.

(I insert again, that no, Mr. Bush, it is far more than inappropriate – it is illegal and unlawful).

Recall the Senate report released last year (528 pages in .pdf) wherein they cited CIA records in concluding that the techniques were more brutal than previously disclosed, and that the CIA lied about them, and further that they *the “enhanced interrogation techniques* in fact, failed to produce unique, life-saving intelligence of any value.

The CIA and its defenders take issue with the report.

JEB Bush further said he believes that the techniques were effective in producing intelligence, but that “now we're in a different environment.”

(I insert a loud “Ding” – No, that statement is 100% false and insane and has been proven so on many levels to be fake and false reporting to the public to somehow justify torture).

JEB Bush also suggested there may be occasions when brutal interrogations were called for to keep the country safe. 

(I insert another note: Nope not ever or for any reason ... all the “reasons given in the past” as I said have proven to be fake, bogus, and factually unfounded and quite simply - silly).

JEB Bush summarized: “That's why I'm not saying in every condition, under every possible scenario (it can be used).”

(My last insert here: As we all know that JEB Bush has been walking a careful, clever path seeking to disassociate himself from some of the unpopular aspects of his brother's legacy while praising him and leaving the door open for is elected he can say, “I kind of said that way back in Iowa in August 2015 for anyone who paying attention). Or words to that effect. 

A Personal Memo for Mr. JEB Bush: I pay attention on this subject, damn close attention. For you see sir, I was a professional and highly-skilled interrogator for nearly 12 years (Marine Corps and as DOD civilian). I know what I am talking about and you, sir, quite frankly, do not.

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