Sunday, November 22, 2015

Candidate Donald J. Trump: Certifiably Insane, Crazy, Off His Rocker, Wack Job

"I get my orders from above, or make the rules and laws myself." /s/ T-rump

My post title may be a bit over the edge (some will say), but not as far over the edge as Trump with his latest most-asinine statement ever and now about torture ... he can be heard here in this short clip via ABC News.

Does Trump even know or care that water boarding is torture or that is has been unlawful, illegal, and a war crimes for decades. How can he compare that with beheading a person, or the drowning or burning alive of anyone that we have seen in the horrible ISIS videos? They are not the same thing – not even close.

Does he now advocate that we become and act like ISIS? Is sure seems like it to me by his words. As I said, this man need not be anywhere near the White House except maybe as a tourist on a guided tour.   

He is in a word: Totally certifiable.

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