Saturday, April 16, 2016

Close to Closing Gitmo: GOP Fears Federal Trials and Supermax Incarceration

Federal Prisons Across the Country
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[Resource: Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice]

(CNN) The United States is transferring nine detainees from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon said recently (Saturday, April 16, 2016).

The transfer, which brings the number of prisoners remaining at Guantanamo to 80, comes amid President Obama's renewed effort to close the prison, a pledge he made early in his presidency. It also comes ahead of Obama's planned trip to Saudi Arabia next week.  

Ironically, most GOPers and a few DEMS, are still scared shitless about transferring the remaining (or any) detainees to Conus for Federal trial and confinement in Federal facilities or even Supermax prisons, which BTW currently hold several hundred already.  

The key question is simple: Why is the GOP so resistant to Federal trials which have been harsh on terrorists do date. It makes no sense, none whatsoever.  

Related background data also at this link with precise details on terrorists now incarcerated at Federal prisons.  

Bottom line: The GOP is stubborn and flat out wrong on this issue of closure. The record of trusting the Federal court system is rock solid. 

Stay tuned.

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