Monday, October 17, 2016

GITMO: Review of Detainees Held, Released, and Awaiting Action of Some Sort

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The above map shows the 30 countries where former Gitmo detainees were released from U.S. custody. It also lists the number of former detainees released to those 30 countries.

This is an excellent and very extensive rundown on the current and historical status of war detainees held by the United States at Gitmo, Cuba.

Here are two key bullet points as way of introduction to the enormous amount of data there:

▪ First Gitmo Captives Arrive: Twenty arrived on January 11, 2002. They were housed at the first camp to open named: Camp X-Ray.

▪ The Last Captive to Arrive: A man named Muhammed Rahim al-Afghani. He is listed as a high-level al-Qaida captive. He arrived on March 14, 2008.

Enjoy the research and as I said, it is an excellent data base – easy to read and follow.

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