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Torture: Make It Policy and Let's Get on With It, Okay Says Pompeo and Trump

Trump and Pompeo View of Torture
(A cartoon, yes; in reality not funny)

So, remind me, who said history does not repeat itself? Don’t know for sure, but this quip is often attributed to Mark Twain comes close – I’ve always liked it: “History may not repeat itself. But it rhymes.” 

And, here we are again today: It appears that the GOP still loves torture… case in point with CIA nominee, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) and views on the subject.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – President Donald Trump's pick to run the CIA, Mike Pompeo, told Congress that he would consider bringing back waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation measures under certain circumstances.

But, first this background and reminder from just one year ago reported on and with this startling part from then Donald J. Trump, now President Donald J. Trump:
BLUFFTON, SC — Donald Trump says he supports waterboarding and similar interrogation techniques because “torture works” in the questioning of terrorists.
Proponents of waterboarding are careful not to label the technique as torture, which is forbidden by various international laws and treaties. President Obama's administration discontinued the use of waterboarding because it deemed the technique to be torture. During a campaign event at the Sun City retirement community, Trump emphasized his intention to reinstate waterboarding and techniques that are “so much worse and much stronger,” adding: “Don't tell me it doesn't work – torture works. Okay, folks? Torture – you know, half these guys [say]: Torture doesn't work. Believe me, it works. Okay?”
Trump has long called for the return of waterboarding, and he has seemed to embrace the idea of torture in the past without using the term himself. During a February 7, 2016 interview on ABC's “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” he asked Mr. Trump whether he “would authorize torture,” and he responded:
“I would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding.”
Then Mr. Trump wrote an Op-ed piece on the issue for USA Today and he called it: “I will do whatever it takes.”
Related and since the election of Mr. Trump this article as a reminder, too.
And, now here we are again with Mike Pompeo:

In a series of written responses to questions from members of the Senate intelligence committee, Pompeo said that while current permitted interrogation techniques are limited to those contained in the Army Field Manual, he was open to making changes to that policy.

Pompeo stated in part: “If confirmed, I will consult with experts at the Agency and at other organizations in the government on whether the Army Field Manual uniform application is an impediment to gathering vital intelligence to protect the country.”

Pompeo acknowledged interrogation practices like waterboarding are illegal under current law, but he did not rule out seeking to have those laws modified, saying further:If experts believed the current law was an impediment to gathering vital intelligence to protect the country, I would want to understand such impediments and whether any recommendations were appropriate for changing current law.”

My summary and notes for Mr. Pompeo and others on this issue:

(1) Which experts do you refer to: legal, political, or professional interrogators?

(2) Changing the law and to make torture national policy and somehow say it's “okay” would begin the total demise of us as a nation and set us on a course for world turmoil on a platform that only ISIS would endorse 100%.

(3) Oh, yeah, Mr. Pompeo, what about this your earlier view stated to Congress… say the law were changed to allow torture, would you follow that law? Just asking.

Tell you what, Mr. Pompeo: Allow me and a team of other professional interrogators to water board you, okay?

Setup: Have someone give you some “fake” Top Secret information for this exercise, then we can see how it takes to break you and what info you provide.

My hunch is that you probably would break in a minute or less. But, the info would still be fake, wouldn’t it?

Pompeo must not be confirmed and for those who vote to confirm, well, may I suggest that they resign from office, then go join ISIS… they would greet you with open arms I am sure since they love torture – all forms of it.

Finally, and in all honestly for Mr. Pompeo on his views about this, and for all others who hold that same view about, I say as plainly as I can: You all are sick bastards. 

Please continue reading on this subject earlier posted here... and thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned... this topic is apt to get very, very ugly.

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