Thursday, January 5, 2017

Trump Promises to Put Us Back on Path Down the Dark Rat Hole of Torture

“That doesn't look like torture to me.” /s/ The Donald 

Waterboarding is Torture
(Make no mistake about it)
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The story in question for this post is from the NY TIMES here.

My Pledge: If Donald Trump moves one inch to reinstate “waterboarding” (which is torture and has been a crime for decades or something far worse, words he once promised), then I will personally move on all fronts and with all the power and strength that I can muster to speak out and against him anyway possible on this subject.

If he does insist to move ahead, and in fact were to give the green light at all to anyone that it is okay, then he must be declared a war criminal and tried at The Hague just like key Nazis were at Nuremberg between 1945 and 1949.

We must never ever go back down that black rat hole. Trump is flat out wrong about what he thinks and believes is or is not torture.

Also, for anyone around him who advocates for that return path the way he does, then they too must be prosecuted as well.

That Bush-era stain is forever on our country and therefore on all us... it will take time to wear off, and it must stay off, period.

I am sure other professional interrogators share my view... time will tell how a president Trump handles this, but right now, it doesn't look very promising and as long as Mr. Trump stays in the limelight (his urge and need), well, that is all that matters to him, period.

Stay tuned.

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