Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump Updates: Gitmo Detainees and “Pot” Legalization (Two Connected)

Another Trump Whopper and Not From Burger King

More Political Smoke from Trump or Personal Hobby

President Trump recently told Congress these two key things:
(1)  That he might release detainees held at Gitmo despite legislation that prohibits transfers of prisoners.
(2)  That he is bound by a restriction in a new spending law that prohibits spending money to enforce federal marijuana laws in states where the drug is legal for medical purposes.
Trump noted that the spending bill Congress recently passed contained restrictions on transfers of Guantánamo detainees to CONUS and other countries, but provided no exceptions for when a court orders a detainee’s release.
Trump said in a statement to Congress: “I will treat these, and similar provisions, consistently with my constitutional authority as commander in chief.”
He made a similar observation about the limit on enforcing federal marijuana laws, saying:  “I will treat this provision consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”
Marijuana is illegal under federal law, but 28 states permit its use as medicine.
Interestingly is this Related from then candidate Donald J. Trump on legal use of MJ.
Wow, what a reversal on both issues … hopefully no Gitmo detainees need or now take MJ for medical reasons – LOL LOL… otherwise it could be double jeopardy for them as it were in any court and especially to any country they are released to that does not allow MJ in any circumstance … in that case they might elect to stay in the U.S. – you think?
Stay tuned… both subjects interesting to say the least.

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