Monday, June 5, 2017

MESSAGE FOR AMERICA: Turn Off—Stop Watching FOX & Friends and All FOX

The Lowest of the Low in Intelligence Work (Total Fraud) 
(Especially About Interrogation )

This man and his co-author and fellow designer of “Enhanced Interrogation” that the CIA and others used (illegally) is a total fake and fraud ... he has never been an interrogator and yet our CIA paid them both some $80 million to develop the program which by all standards is illegal, unlawful, and a war crime.

Watch this interview with him (it is about 8-minutes):

Now in his recent appearance on FOX and Friends to hawk his new book, the lead question by co-host Brian Kilmeade sustains a proven lie that “torture” lead to bin-Laden.

FACT (from NPR report): Torture (the so-called “Enhanced Interrogation” is just a fancy word for torture) did not lead to bin-Laden. That is a huge lie and it is disgusting and an excellent reason to shit can those kinds of FOX shows from the airwaves.

Here is positive proof about that lie: After an exhaustive three-year investigation, the Senate Intelligence Committee came to the conclusion that those claims are overblown or downright lies.

Finally, at this blog I have always tried my best to stick with the facts, not FOX or Rightwing or one-sided GOP bullshit otherwise.

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