Saturday, July 29, 2017

Showtime: “Wannabe Interrogators” Heading for Trial Re: CIA Torture Program

“Enhanced” Interrogation: Illegal, unlawful, a war crime

Inexperienced and unqualified “Interrogators” 
(except in their own minds)

A federal court judge has refused (July 28th) to drop a lawsuit against two psychologists who devised the CIA’s interrogation program after the September 11 terrorist attacks and this now clears the way for the case to proceed to a trial in September.

(My Notes: Mitchell and Jessen BTW neither have any interrogation experience – not one day. Also, they were paid over $80 million. 

The suit is one of the few attempts to hold people accountable for harm caused by the CIA “enhanced” interrogation program in the years after the 2001 attacks.

(My Note: “Enhanced” is a fancy buzzword for torture – believe me, I know from my over a dozen years in that business).

The three plaintiffs had argued that they were detained and tortured in secret CIA prisons using techniques designed by the two former military psychologists. Most of the techniques used against the detainees have since been banned by the United States government.

At a hearing in United States District Court in Spokane, WA, Judge Justin L. Quackenbush said he would deny motions by both sides to rule summarily in their favor in advance of a trial. However, he said he would issue a written ruling as to whether the case could go forward on behalf of two of the plaintiffs, who never came into contact with the defendants.

This case is long overdue to remove this historical stain on the country. We must always demand justice in these cases. This hopefully will be that justice. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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