Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fox News Coverage of Cheney's Views: The Reel Torture

Cannot Honestly Be Disputed
(But Watch Fox Try)

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I will say as clear and precise as possible regarding this Blog's purpose: To present the facts as much as possible on this subject.

As a former Marine Corps interrogator (10 years on active duty and 2 years as DOD civilian), and one who served all over the world, the single and most-important fact remains clear above all on subject of the Bush administration approved enhanced interrogation here, here, here and here would be this: 

Professionals know the rules, the proper and effective and proven interrogation techniques, the law, and the bounds. We all can say and have said with a clear voice: “Torture does not work and it does not keep us safe.” 

Torture is illegal, unlawful, and a war crime, and it has been for decades, and the so-called “water boarding” that Mr. Cheney and others of his ilk worship with pride as simple-minded novices, are flat out wrong – it does not and has not worked – the evidence is clear. More on water boarding herehere, and here.

Torture has one purpose and that is to inflict pain. It is proven effective in gaining valuable military or strategic intelligence that helps a ground commander or the nation save lives or keep us safe.

Further, what astonishes me and is totally unthinkable, that is the way some media (namely Fox news) keep the focus and spotlight on people like “Dark Dick Cheney” (we will have to work in the dark shadows are his words, not mine) that enable him and those like him to stay on the national stage and keep attention on themselves with their outrageous garbage. 

Seems to me that Fox News and Cheney's views are torture.

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