Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Very Sick Lunatics on the National Stage: Why???

Yes, these two sick lunatics ... can't be disputed

Hannity just tried to dig himself out of the Cliven Bundy shithole and not with much luck I might add. Now on his radio show he sides with Sarah Palin about her rant about torture (clip from his radio show at this site).

Palin said in a recent speech at the NRA convention: “... that's how we baptize terrorists.”

Folks: Water boarding is torture and torture has been illegal, unlawful, and a war crime for decades.

Hannity's 2 cents (which actually makes no sense). In his rant, he comes to Palin’s defense in her remarks with his own illogical crap saying in part: “That’s the way America rolls.”

That I gather is his weak-ass attempt to imitate Todd Beamer in his call to a GTE Operator while on board Flight 93 on 9/11 with his famous and heroic words: “Let's roll” as he and other passengers took on the hijackers. In that regard, Hannity is truly pathetic.

Both Hannity and Palin are flat out wrong on this issue as I have said and will continue to say with every ounce of my soul: Water boarding is torture, and torture is illegal, unlawful, and a war crime and has been for decades.

How in the world these two are able to stay in the public limelight on the national stage is mind-boggling and amazing. I surmise, it’s money. That and anyway to help the right wing stay in power on this red meat issue as they are pandered to by their “leaders” – all the while they remain totally ignorant on the issue. 

That is the worst part, GOP base ignorance on this subject, or as former Sen. Pat Moynihan would say, “We surely have dumbed down America.” Or so it seems.

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